They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. But what’s an app on the home-screen worth? Quite a lot we think. Here at Honk we definitely rely on apps to help us with, well, life. From finding parking (duh!), to finding that last minute hotel accommodation, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite apps that our team just can’t live without.

Jiffy: Leaky sink? Malfunctioning AC? Can’t do anything with your hands other than Instagram? Not all of us at Honk are what you’d call “handy”. Thankfully there’s Jiffy. This app connects us to a network of service providers, in real-time, based on proximity, availability and ratings. We’re not going to give names, but one of our employees may have used Jiffy to drill a floating shelf on the wall….

Foodora: After a long day at Honk, our staff is sometimes far too exhausted to make dinner. For times like these, we mindlessly turn to Foodora. All our favourite restaurants delivered right to our front-door via bicycle delivery person. With the tap of a button, we can satisfy that 10pm pad thai craving. It’s quite the time we live in. Thank you technology – sincerely, our stomachs.

Bandsintown: Concert season is upon us, and Bandsintown has us covered. This handy app syncs our favourite music app and get updates on tours, concert venues and ticket prices – all in one place. There’s a bunch of die-hard concert-goers here at Honk HQ – so you can trust that we rely on this app to make sure we’re in the know with all shows coming to town.

HotelTonight: Let us preface by saying that our team loves to travel. Whether it be a quick trip to Amsterdam, a weekend in San Francisco, or a two week stint in Morocco – Honkers love to get out there and travel. Life can sometimes make it hard to plan ahead for a trip; for times like these we’re so thankful for HotelTonight. This travel app gives us great deals at premium hotels for these last minute trips. We simply go into the app, select the city and dates, and can book straight from the app.

Honk: And finally, we had to include our very own app – it’s not a bias, it’s just plain ol’ common sense! People are busy – time is valuable. Honk helps avoid wasting time circling the block trying to find parking – and lets you search, find and pay for that parking spot before you even leave the front door. We have an iPhone and Android version – and for those without a smartphone, we have an eCommerce enabled website.

Do you feel like we forgot to include a cannot-live-without-app? Hit us up – we love discovering new apps!

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