Boost revenue and streamline operations
with HONK’s digital payment platform.

Parking operators are getting paid more, faster with HONK.

Parking operators are getting paid more, faster with HONK.

All upside. No downtime.

Reduce capital and operating costs.

Our cloud-based payment solutions
eliminate reliance on physical hardware.

Contactless payments for parking

There are no hardware operating costs,
just easy-to-use payment software.


Simplify payment acceptance.

Our mobile solutions are designed
to accept all forms of payment.

Enjoy maximum profit, fast cash flow, and
guaranteed next-day settlement.


Generate more parker activity.

Our digital payment solutions
prioritize convenience for drivers.

Contactless payments for parking

Count on satisfied customers who
keep coming back.

Add HONK to your parking operation.


Go app-free with contactless tap
checkout – the safest, easiest parking
payment solution on the market.
+ Minimal operating costs
+ Accepts all forms of digital payment
+ Quick to deploy and collect payment


Offer repeat and one-time parkers the 4.5
star app that millions of drivers use to search,
find, pay for and extend parking.

+ Unlimited vehicles and payment methods
+ Hourly, monthly, long-term permits
+ Location, history and receipt management


Sell a pack of prepaid credits redeemable
for parking at the driver’s convenience
during the specified period you set.
+ Custom price, expiry and redemption
+ Collects all funds upfront
+ Real-time data display
HonkPASS Virtual Parking Pass


Take control with a self-service portal that
enables quick changes to your parking
backend in real time.
+ Easy-to-use tools and features
+ Do-it-yourself rate and zone edits
+ No vendor support required

Shift your parking lot
into overdrive with HONK.

Book your free demo today.

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