Make campus parking better
for everyone – faculty, students and staff.

Colleges & universities are getting paid more, faster for campus parking with HONK.

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Washington State University Parking Services
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Discover why colleges and universities choose HONK to streamline campus parking.

Campus parking must meet the diverse needs of its community – staff, students, faculty visitors, and management. HONK’s digital payment solutions simplify the campus parking experience for everyone involved.


The parking

Campus parking encompasses on-street parking and parking lots on the periphery of campus and near stadiums.

Schools need simple and convenient paid parking solutions for hourly parking, monthly permits, and dynamic pricing for special events such as faculty conferences and home football games.


Hardware on

Traditional hardware for parking payments comes with significant upfront capital expenditures as well as ongoing maintenance.

By implementing flexible, digital-based parking solutions, colleges and universities can minimize these hardware affiliated expenses while streamlining their operations with an all-in-one parking management solution.




In the college and university realm, digital software parking payments have gained enormous traction, and it’s easy to see why.

These solutions provide unparalleled flexibility, empowering campus parking services to easily accommodate a wide range of parking requirements, including transient, semester permits, & event rates.


No downtime. All upside.

Enjoy the parking experience.

Our contactless payment solutions
make parking safe and seamless.

Contactless payments for parking
The best first and lasting impression
at campus entrances and exits.

Meet your campus needs.

Our all-in-one toolkit offers your choice of
flexible college and university parking solutions.

Contactless payments for parking
Streamlined parking programs that cut
admin costs and boost efficiencies.

Centralize your backend.

Our easy-to-use software consolidates
all parker activity.
Contactless payments for parking
No hardware operating costs, just more
revenue in the school coffers.

Add HONK to your campus parking operation.


Go app-free with contactless tap
checkout – the safest, easiest campus parking payment solution on the market.

+ Quick to deploy and collect funds
+ Accepts all forms of digital payment
+ Integrates promo codes and validations


Offer repeat and one-time parkers the 4.5
star app that millions of drivers use to search, find, pay for and extend parking.

+ Integrates promo codes and validations
+ Virtual Permits and FlexPass available
+ Stores unlimited vehicles and payment methods


Sell a pack of prepaid credits redeemable
for campus parking at the driver’s convenience during the specified period you set.

+ Flexibility between daily and permits
+ Generates additional revenue upfront
+ Control setup, rates and redemptions
HonkPASS Virtual Parking Pass


Take control with a self-service portal that
enables quick changes to your parking on campus backend in real time.

+ Easy-to-use tools and features
+ Do-it-yourself rate and zone edits
+ No vendor support required


Via HONKAPP and HONKTAP, offer customizable mobile discounts that campus parkers can use at checkout.

+ Create promo codes and validations 
+ Control setup, rates and redemptions
+ Adapts to all use cases, eg, faculties


Give campus parkers the ease
of in and out privileges with virtual permits accessible on mobile.
+ No hang tags or window decals
+ Increase efficiency and save resources
+ No vendor support required
HonkPERMIT virtual parking permit


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Shift your parking lot
into overdrive with HONK.

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