Give residents and visitors a safe and

convenient parking experience with

HONK’s parking management platform.  

Municipalities are getting paid more, faster with HONK.

San Luis Obispo Parking
Niagara Falls Parking
City of Oakville
City of Burlington
District of Tofino
City of London Ontario

Municipalities are getting paid more, faster with HONK.

City of Oakville
District of Tofino
San Luis Obispo Parking
Niagara Falls Parking
City of Burlington
City of London Ontario

Discover why municipalities choose HONK’s parking management platform to enhance the parking experience.

Parking operators everywhere are aiming to maximize revenue potential, optimize parking space utilization, and create a positive parker experience. Thanks to HONK’s cloud-based digital parking management system, parking lot access control becomes a well-oiled machine.


Main street
goes digital.

Municipalities are always on the hunt for alternative paid parking systems. They’re no longer solely relying on Mackay meters, IPS parking meters, and T2 terminals.

Instead, they’re embracing digital parking management systems that offer the flexibility and built-in tools municipalities need to create a safe and convenient parking experience.


Driving no-touch payments.

Digital parking payments are sharply on the rise. Payment options like QR and text-to-pay are the next big thing because they’re easy to implement and manage.

The investment is minimal, and they’re adaptable to the needs of drivers and operators. It’s no wonder that drivers are increasingly opting for digital, no-touch payments in their everyday lives.


Automation and personalization.

More and more, municipalities are seeking self-service portals that allow them to make quick changes to the parking backend in real-time.

Whether a sudden rate or zone change is needed to accommodate road closures or construction, having DIY tools that don’t require vendor support is a game changer for municipal parking management.

No downtime. All upside.

Create a custom parker journey.

Our white labeled solutions put
your brand front and center.

Contactless payments for parking

Easy, safe, convenient parking experience
attributed to your municipality.


Drive up operational efficiencies.

Our self-service platform allows rate
and zone changes in real time.

Contactless payments for parking

Less time and money directed to
cumbersome administration.


Reduce capital and operating costs.

Our payment software solutions eliminate
reliance on physical hardware.

Contactless payments for parking

No hardware operating costs,
just more revenue for the city.

Add HONK to your parking operation.


Go app-free with contactless tap
checkout – the safest, easiest parking
payment solution on the market.

+ Quick to deploy and collect funds
+ Accepts all forms of digital payment
+ Integrates promo codes and validations


Offer city residents and visitors the 4.5
star app that millions of drivers use to search,
find, pay for and extend parking.

+ Allows a pay-as-you-park option
+ Enables hourly, monthly, permit options
+ Unlimited vehicles and payment methods


Offer customizable mobile discounts
that residents and visitors
can use at checkout.

+ Create promo codes and validations
+ Control setup, rates and redemptions
+ Adapt to all use cases, eg, construction



Take control with a self-service portal that
enables quick changes to your parking
backend in real time.

+ Easy-to-use tools and features
+ Do-it-yourself rate and zone edits
+ No vendor support required


Give residents and visitors 
the ease of accessing virtual parking
permits on mobile. 

+ No displayed print-outs or permits
+ Easy backend management
+ Increase efficiency and save resources

HonkPERMIT virtual parking permit

Shift your parking lot
into overdrive with HONK.

Book your free demo today.


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