NEW ORLEANS, LA, Sept 18, 2023 – Today, at the National Parking Association’s Annual Conference & Expo, HONK, North America’s leading provider of contactless payments for parking and mobility, announces the introduction of HONKTEXT to its suite of mobile point-of-sale options. The text-to-pay solution expands HONK’s payment offerings, giving operators the ability to select payment methods that best suit their needs while enhancing the parking experience.

“HONKTEXT successfully adds another layer of convenience to mobile transactions,” said Michael Back, HONK Founder and CEO. “This latest feature rounds out our comprehensive bundle of mobile payment solutions, which already includes the popular HONKAPP and HONKTAP.” 

With HONKTEXT, paying for parking is as easy as sending a text message. Drivers simply text to pay for their spot, eliminating the need of downloading an app or signing up for an account . Meanwhile, operators can count on seamless integration with HONK’s existing payment platform, which streamlines parking management. 

In addition to simplifying the payment process, HONKTEXT’s built-in reporting system shares insightful data analytics. These insights include parking trends, utilization rates, and revenue generation statistics that give operators a clear snapshot of operational performance.

HONKTEXT product highlights include:

  • A text-to-pay system for straightforward parking transactions
  • Full integration with HONK’s vertically integrated payment platform
  • Real-time insights into parking trends, usage rates, and revenue 

To learn more about HONKTEXT and how it can drive efficiency for your parking operations, visit or contact our sales team at [email protected].