AUSTIN, TX, September 19, 2022 – Today, at the National Parking Association’s Annual Conference & Tradeshow, HONK, North America’s leading provider of unattended contactless payments for parking, introduced a dynamic pricing tool that allows operators to make smarter, real-time pricing decisions. Starting immediately, customers using any of HONK’s contactless payment solutions will gain access to the tool. This new technology marks a shift in traditional pricing analysis by giving operators actionable insight into demand, occupancy and seasonality trends – maximizing throughput and revenue, while minimizing all labor-related costs.

Operators now have the ability to assess the pricing structure of their operation and ensure each lot matches with occupancy trends, making it easier to interpret pricing, and be confident rates are set to maximize revenue. 

“This pricing tool was built to empower operators – knowing when to set rates higher to capture the upside, or lower to avoid any potential volume losses,” said Michael Back, HONK Founder and CEO. “It’s an easy-to-use tool that removes previous manual redundancies – where operators once had to comb through data across multiple sites and tools to extrapolate insight. Now, they can choose from a range of reports to make real-time rate changes that reflect demand and occupancy trends.”

The tool is housed on a user-friendly back-office portal that gives operators the ability to easily slice data into digestible and actionable insight, including how seasonality factors into lot performance, how individual lot performance compares with previous performance, and much more.

Simplified pricing analysis is only one click away! To find out more about the all-new pricing tool, send an email to [email protected]