Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we? Back to the ’90s. Before smartphones, parking apps and Instagram came into our lives. The good ol’ days when Seinfeld was on TV (and when we watched tv shows live as they aired – crazy, right?).

We live and breathe parking here at Honk and we can’t help but wonder: if times were different, could Honk have saved poor ol’ Georgey boy from blowing a gasket when it came to parking? The answer: Hells YES!

Didja ever wonder why there were so many parking related episodes of Seinfeld? Parking (and its associated peeves) have been around since the Model T. Thank goodness we’re here – take a look back at some of the parking related episodes where Honk would have been deeply appreciated by George and his whiney friends:

1. The Parking Space.

A classic. The one where George fights over a parking space with another driver for an ENTIRE EPISODE.

Enter Honk: George could’ve booked the spot ahead of time and had WAY more time for a Festivus dinner.

2. No Tricks, Just Parking.

George and Kramer find a bargain parking lot where the rates are super cheap. A rarity in New York City. Some things are just too good to be true. They start to think the rates are so low because ladies of the night are servicing their clients inside the parked cars.

Enter Honk: One click can find you cheap parking spots without the tricks. Just cheap, unbeatable rates! The question remains…would George still be the master of his domain?

epsiode from the wig master and the muffin tops

3. The Parking Garage.

A favourite amongst many at Honk HQ, this episode is a gem. The entire episode is based around the search for Kramer’s car in the multi-level parking garage of a shopping mall in New Jersey. Everyone has something pressing they need to be doing, and they can’t for the life of them find the car.

Enter Honk: Ok – we don’t have an app for finding your car, but we do have a hack now that everyone is armed with a mobile phone. Take a picture of your parking level before you leave (works for hotel rooms too!) and you’ll never be lost again. Or just avoid the garage altogether, open the app, find a more convenient lot near the mall. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…and Elaine’s goldfish could have survived.

Check out www.parkhound.com.au for more info on parking spaces.

4. … Just don’t get towed!

Not a George Costanza parking fiasco, but you get the picture.

Enter Honk: We send you a text reminder 15 minutes before your parking session is set to expire and we let you add more time from anywhere – doesn’t matter if you’re being verbally abused by the Soup Nazi or searching for the last babka in the city. Kiss those tickets and tow trucks goodbye – get out and GO!

Kramer’s car gets towed.

To sum up… While Honk definitely could have saved George and the whole Seinfeld gang from getting upset in their parking ‘adventures’, where would we be without the laughs? We couldn’t imagine it any other way. But now that Honk is here and Jerry is in a car, getting coffee… Giddy up!


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