HONK’s Senior Vice President, Kacey Siskind, hosted a webinar with our friends at the New York State Parking & Transportation Association (NYSPTA), where they dove into the beast that is contactless payments and discussed the importance of going beyond the app and offering  guest checkout.

There’s a lot to navigate in the payment waters, but this webinar featured everything there is to know about the topic. Kacey walked attendees through the latest payment trends, consumer demands, and how implementing app-free contactless payments increases compliance and customer satisfaction — all while improving the bottom line.

We’re sharing some of the learnings from the webinar below, but we also invite you to watch the full 50-minute webinar:

Consumer behavior: trends and takeaways

What should come as no surprise is that contactless payments are here to stay — and this phenomenon is only growing in popularity every day. This form of payment was already on the rise before 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic pushed its growth into acceleration mode. Consumers now expect contactless ways to pay for, well, everything. And if you consider most people are used to paying for their coffee via contactless technologies, why shouldn’t they have that same quick and easy option for parking?

Consumer payment trends


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