It’s only February and already, everyone is starting to feel stretched in too many directions. Well, this Valentine’s Day, we are inviting you to be selfish. Come join us inside HonkBACKOFFICE, a do-it-yourself back office portal exclusively for parking operators. It’s an interactive space where behind the scenes, our clients are masters of their own parking domains, where they get to call the shots. 


We think of our backoffice as the ultimate in parking empowerment. There’s no more settling, no more feeling stuck, no more waiting around for someone to come along and rescue you in the hectic world of parking management. Need to make a quick change to your parking zones or rates on the fly? Just log into your HonkBACKOFFICE account and make it happen. Boom.


There are lots of back office parking portals out there, but they are no match for HonkBACKOFFICE. Most glaringly, they lack the self-service quality that parking operators need in today’s digital world. Instead, they are reliant on outside vendors, which means parking operators don’t have both hands on the wheel. 


The biggest problem with third-party systems is that there is no independent ability to make unilateral moves inside your own parking operation. As a result, there are no quick fixes when you need them. If you want to change rates or zones to accommodate new construction, you can’t just step up and do it yourself. You are forced to wait for some vendor somewhere to take action on your behalf. In fact, getting support means enduring a painstaking process of dependence from submitting a customer support ticket to waiting around for assistance to hoping the change will be implemented in the way you want. How very disempowering.


To make matters worse, there are lost opportunity costs along the way. Because there is a third party involved in your business, rate and zone changes take way longer than necessary to implement and go live. Of course, as every parking operator knows only too well, time is of the essence when it comes to setting and adjusting rates. In order to capitalize on the best possible price for a last-minute event, for instance, you need the ability to increase the rate fast. Otherwise, as you wait on the line for support, you’ll be watching the minutes disappear along with the profit you could be earning. 


HonkBACKOFFICE, however, has got your back. It arms you with power to make quick changes to your parking backend in real time, and that means no opportunity to earn money is ever wasted. No matter what is happening out on the roads, pivoting to ensure the most possible profit will become your superpower. 


There is real security in knowing you have total agency over your rates and zones and can manually update them at any time to align with outside circumstances. When it comes to event pricing, it is easy to adjust and supersede whatever default rates you have set or add multiple rates either in advance or on the event day, whatever works best at the time. 


HonkBACKOFFICE will quickly become your closest ally and an indispensable friend. The portal is accessible from anywhere—desktop, laptop, tablet, even smartphone—so you’ll get very used to having it around. Intuitive in design, it features simple-to-use tools that make managing and streamlining parking operations effortless. And since the system is vertically integrated with the best-in-class contactless payment solutions on the market, you will always have 24/7 access to every digital asset you could possibly need. 


In our fast-paced society, DIY systems are our new normal, and for good reason. So now that the secret is out, don’t settle for less than what you deserve. Give yourself the gift of HonkBACKOFFICE this Valentine’s Day and claim your rightful place as boss of your parking operation. You’re back, baby. In the driver’s seat. Right where you belong.  

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