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    Your source for streamlined
    contactless payments.

    You say goodbye to the hassle
     Hardware fees & maintenance
     Internet connectivity & power
     Cash collection

    Drivers say hello to the convenience
     No app to install
     No user registration
     100% contactless

    Good Great for the bottom line.

    Save money

    Light on the wallet, touch-free parking payments don’t require any maintenance or upkeep. Plus, no need for power or internet connectivity.

    100% germ-free

    Pin pads and buttons are germy! Now customers can keep their hands to themselves by using their own device to pay – every time.

    Customer retention

    Built-in marketing capabilities – like promo codes and alerts – make it easier than ever to build loyalty and boost customer retention.

    Improved compliance

    Contactless payments increase compliance. Full Stop. Reduced friction & improved ease of use means more revenue in your pocket.

    Don’t just take our word for it.

    There was minimal effort and little capital invested on our end to get it up and running, and the numbers speak for themselves. This gives drivers the app experience — paying for parking from their mobile device — without the need to download, install, and register for an app.

    AllPro Parking
    William Rasi
    General Manager

    We’re proud to partner with Honk so commuters, visitors and residents of Richmond have access to the safest way to pay for parking. Replacing our pay stations with Honk’s tap-to-pay technology was such a quick and easy process.

    City Parking Inc.
    David Sharrar
    President, CEO

    The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the need for digitized, touch-free parking payments. Since adding Honk’s tap and app payment options on July 1st, usage has skyrocketed and our help center has received very positive feedback.

    Port Jefferson
    Kevin Wood
    Parking Administrator

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