Make More Money from Your Parking Operation with Honk’s Marketing Solution.

Parking Made Profitable.

Make More Money

Increase Revenue

When parkers top up, that's more money in your pocket than what a flat rate offers. Charge by the hour, half-hour or even by the minute. Change pricing quickly and easily based on events, time of day and more.

Free Marketing

Honk is an all encompassing digital marketing engine: pay-per-click, in-app and social media marketing. We capture hundreds of data points on parkers across North America and use this insight to target and reach existing and prospective customers, driving them to your lots.

Reduced Costs

Lower your everyday overhead expenses - no more meters to maintain, paper rolls to replace or change to collect and handle. With fewer attendants needed, labour/service costs go down, too. And our uptime is 99.99%.

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Knowledge is power

Reports & Analytics

For the first time ever, you’ll have market data, reports and analytics on your customers. You’ll know how often they park, for how long, where they’re coming from and so much more unique, detailed information you’d never get from coins.

Competitive Advantage

Demand for mobile parking solutions has already started to grow. You can be first to market and get access to the customer data, reports and analytics we can provide before your competitors do.

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