Leaving the parking
meter in the dust

That’s right, Honk is making parking payments history.

We’ve made it simple for private parking operators, municipalities, universities, and airports to reduce their costs, increase revenue, and gain unprecedented insight into customer behaviour.

With Honk, paying for parking is a breeze — from turning the parking meter on its ear to paperless parking permits and beyond, Honk is the answer for everyone with a car.

Read about our innovative solutions below.

World: meet the first virtual parking meter.

A game changer for operators and consumers alike, Honk has developed a low-cost, frictionless, and secure alternative to the traditional parking meter. Simply place one of our NFC- or QR-enabled products anywhere in your lot (no power source necessary!), and watch your customers pay for parking with a tap of their phone. HonkTAP increases compliance, significantly decreases costs, and boosts customer satisfaction.

There’s an app for that.

Honk’s innovative cloud-based technology streamlines parking by allowing motorists across North America to search, book, and pay for parking from any internet connected device. Get insight into driver buying patterns through our customer analytics, and use it to drive more sales in your lots (pun intended). Monthly or daily parking, permits & reservations are available, and purchase data is seamlessly integrated into any enforcement system.

Save thousands in hardware & maintenance costs.

Honk KIO further revolutionizes the parking experience by combining Honk’s much-loved digital experience with a portable, indoor payment kiosk. This system allows non-app users to purchase parking onsite using the same payment platform and enforcement integrations as the HonkAPP — no registrations or downloads required! Ideal for parking operations with transient, ‘one-time’ parkers and visitors, Honk KIO is a low-cost way to manage parking inventory and payments effectively.

Your lot, your terms — we just give you the platform to manage it.

Honk’s PSM platform puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you the tools you need to create and remove unpaid parking sessions in any of your zones — whether you operate out of a swanky hotel, university residence, condominium, or office building. Easily add and manage sessions for customers who require a valid plate in enforcement, but may be paying reduced or no rates at all. No more tickets for monthly permit holders or tenants… and no more hassle for you!

“Honk KIO is an inexpensive alternative to a 15k to 20k paystation. A huge value for the small amount of money spent. Another thing we love is that it’s available at all hours, with no downtime whatsoever. Plus, it’s portable and super compact.

Before making the switch, I was concerned that it might require tools or technical know-how to set up, but it was EASY EASY EASY to implement and cost us nothing to install. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to set it up by myself -- I literally did it overnight! Honk’s technology has seriously exceeded our expectations. If I weren’t using it myself, I might have told you it sounds too good to be true!”

- Randa Kachkar,

Associate Director, Parking Services, University of Alberta Parking Services