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Parking System Management

All transaction types, one unified parking platform.

On-demand and advance reservations

Monthly parking and long term permits

Merchant validation and discounting

Loyalty programs and promo codes

Combined paid EV charging & parking

Go contactless with Honk

Health & Safety

Help drivers avoid high-touch areas like pay stations and cash.


Contactless payments have a unique, encrypted code every time they’re used - this reduces fraud and eliminates theft.

Increased Compliance

Honk is the safest, easiest and quickest way for drivers to pay for parking - significantly reducing pain points to paying.

Cost Savings

No coins to collect, no paper to supply, no cellular communication charges and no power to supply! CHA CHING!

With the Honk family of products, contactless parking payments are a breeze - we've turned the parking meter on its ear with our patent-pending, tap-to-pay smart stations; our paperless parking permits and much more. Honk is the answer for everyone with a car.

We’ve made it simple – and safe – for private parking operators, municipalities, universities, and airports to reduce their costs, increase revenue, and gain unprecedented insight into customer behaviour through our contactless payment technology.


The parking industry's only tap-to-pay smart technology that allows drivers to pay with a simple tap of their phone - no app required.

Contactless payments at its best.

Simply place one of our patent-pending NFC- or QR-enabled products anywhere in your lot (no power source or internet necessary!) and watch your customers pay for parking with a tap of their phone.

Go cashless, simplify payment collection & increase revenue

No coins to collect, paper to supply or cellular communication charges

All the usability of a parking meter or pay station without the headaches

All the benefits of an app with nothing to download

Ideal use cases

Add additional points of sale to your parking locations

Merchant validation for local businesses and services

Visitor parking in residential or commercial spaces

Event parking (reduce those lineups!)

Don’t just take our word for it.

AllPro Parking

William Rasi, General Manager

We were blown away by the revenue generated from HonkTAP. There was minimal effort and little capital invested on our end to get it up and running, and the numbers speak for themselves. We’ve seen particularly high adoption from visitors to Buffalo — they don’t want to download a parking app for a weekend visit. This gives drivers the app experience — paying for parking from their mobile device — without the need to download, install, and register for an app.

University of Alberta

Randa Kachkar, Associated Director of Parking Services

We recently introduced HonkTAP at a very large park and ride event on campus. Each year we bring in extra pay stations to meet demand for this event but HonkTAP reduced those lines significantly from previous years and the extra pay stations are no longer necessary! Folks were able to pay and be on their way within seconds. The U of A parking team is now in the process of putting HonkTAP all over campus with the intent of eliminating pay stations in some areas altogether. This will save us money and time but more importantly, it will make paying for parking on our campus more efficient.


There’s an app for that.

Loved by loyal, ‘return parkers’ everywhere.

Get insight into driver buying patterns through our customer analytics, and use it to drive more sales in your lots.


Reduced reliance on parking meters and pay stations means you can invest funds elsewhere

Generate data and analytics on user behaviour and buying patterns to make smarter decisions

Free app allows drivers to search, reserve, pay for and extend parking from any device.


Parking System Management

Your lot, your terms — we just give you the platform to manage it.

Easily add and manage sessions for customers who require a valid plate in enforcement, but may be paying reduced or no rates at all.

No phone? No problem.
HonkKIO is the solution for you.

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